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We are learning to read and reading to learn!

In our school we know that learning to read fluently with stamina and understanding is really important so that your child can be successful in their learning across the curriculum as well as develops a deep and genuine love of reading.

In order to ensure that your child is successful we believe that we need to work closely with you as parents/ carers.

In school:

  • Every child takes part in a whole class daily systematic, synthetic whole-class phonics session where they learn a new sound and apply it through reading and writing in a range of contexts
  • Children are heard to read individually by an adult at least twice a week in Reception and Year One to check that they are on the correct book band and to support with fluency
  • Children practise reading and writing their key words in whole class sessions. These are tested weekly, when children have passed they receive a certificate and will be given the next set to practise at home
  • Children engage in a story telling session at the end of every day to develop a love of reading across a range of texts not just those being used to support the teaching of English
  • Comprehension skills are taught daily using 'real books' from EYFS upwards
  • Development of word-reading is fully balanced by the development of vocabulary, comprehension and a love of books
  • There is an expectation that every session will involve an element of reading so that children are reading for purpose as well as pleasure several times a day

At home we expect:

  • You to read with your child every day and to record this in their reading diary so that they are able to decode and read with fluency 
  • You to practise your child’s key words every day so that they can recall these words automatically when reading
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Videos to show you how to support your child

Click on the links below and you will be taken to our CWPA YouTube channel.

Key word practice - In this video Miss West demonstrates one way in which you can practise key words with your child at home.

1-1 Reading at home with your child - In this video Miss West demonstrates how to read at home with your child. This is quite a long session and covers a whole book (including exemplifying 'book talk' and decoding to lead to fluency in reading. Your sessions do not have to be this long - 10 minutes is fine but 20 minutes is great! 

What should key word fluency look like? - In this video Miss West demonstrates what key words will look like when your child is fluent. This is what they need to look like before your child gets a certificate and move to the next award.

Key Words

Alongside phonics, the teaching and learning of key words (high frequency words) is an essential step in  learning to read with fluency and stamina. In order to develop automaticity, key words are practised every day as part of the English session, furthermore we expect children to practise them every day when they read at home/ in school. There are 12 sets of key words initially and the children should be able to read these on sight, without having to sound them out, before they are given the next set. Once they are able to read all of these, children are asked to spell them correctly before moving onto the next 200 key words.