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The Charlton Wood Curriculum

We want our children to be excited by learning and for them to want to know more about how they can positively influence the world as an active citizen, therefore our curriculum is skills based and knowledge rich.


We think it is imperative that our children have an in-depth knowledge of how the world has evolved over time and how we can use this knowledge and understanding of the past to influence our decisions about the future. This is why in all year groups most of our learning is organised into 3 history/ geography focussed topics which are led by a ‘big question’. Whilst being geography/ history focussed, our topics incorporate: art and design, music, science and citizenship meaning all children have the opportunity to study all areas of the curriculum in greater depth and make meaningful links between the learning, thus gaining a solid and rich understanding of the topic as a whole.

We want our children to produce exceptional outcomes whilst developing their independence, curiosity and creativity -our teachers work really hard to bring the learning to life through trips, visitors and a wide-range of creative experiences.

Reading, writing and maths are taught everyday and you can find out more information about how we teach these subjects by clicking on their tabs at the top of the page.

From September we will keep you up to date on the fantastic experiences that our children are having.

To find out more about our curriculum click on the links below.

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