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Endeavour Curriculum Implementation at Charlton Wood


Curriculum Intent

All Endeavour schools intend our curriculum to inspire and motivate us as a learning community.

Events and information are placed in time exploring how technology and human endeavour are the driving force of change and therefore we are the architects of our own future. 

Our curriculum will help pupils to become:

  • Confident and self-aware: Children will be able to join in, contribute to lessons, activities and the wider community.  They will be self-aware, understanding their impact on others and the impact of events and people on the world
  • Intrinsically motivated: Children will develop a deep motivation for learning and understand how to find out new information.  They will ask questions to deepen their understanding and be able to make links between new learning and what they know already
  • Successful: Children will have a sense of pride in their achievements and be able to recognise where they have made progress and set themselves ambitious goals for the future

Our planned curriculum is based on the National Curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework.  

Curriculum Implementation

Endeavour Schools retain their uniqueness in their communities so whilst the intent of the curriculum content is aligned, the implementation will be aligned to the school’s own vision and ethos. 

At Charlton Wood Primary Academy School our curriculum is taught using a mastery approach to teaching and learning – underpinning this approach is a belief that every child can achieve at least the expected age appropriate standard when given the right amount of time and high quality impactful instruction.

Curriculum Impact

As a result of a sharp focus on both what we want our children to know and do during their time with us as well as how they will learn this, we aim for our pupils to develop mastery of the taught curriculum. This will look different for different age groups and in different curriculum areas, but underpinning expertise will be pupils ability to describe the key elements of what they have learnt, in their own words, and to show how this can be applied in different contexts.

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