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Reach for the stars!

The school has four values which we expect everyone in our school community to uphold all of the time – Respect, Understanding, Perseverance and Pride. These values are part of the fabric of our school and help our children to grow and develop into confident ambitious learners who make the most of the opportunities given to them.

 We want children to always try their best. Children come to school to learn how to get on with other children, how to problem solve and how to deal with new situations consequently we give children the tools and strategies to support them when they find things difficult.

 Good behaviour is recognised and children are rewarded for trying hard during our weekly celebration assembly where children receive school awards. To support positive behaviour choices, we have a clear behaviour system in school where everyone is encouraged to ‘Reach for the stars!’



Reward / Sanction

Charlton Wood Star Learner

Exceptional engagement and participation in learning!

Actively listening to others’ views respectfully and understanding that these views may be different from your own

Persevering in learning especially when it is challenging

Demonstrating pride in own work to ensure the content and presentation are continually improving

Actively encouraging others to try their best and supporting them appropriately

We will tell your parents/carers about this

Star Learner Sticker

Star Learner point towards Head’s Award (25 Star Learner points = Head’s Award)


Ready to learn - everyone starts the day here every day

Listening and taking part in the learning

Following instructions

Completing learning

Productively working with others


House Points

Children who are always on green take part in the class reward at the end of term

Warning stage

Interrupting teaching and other children’s learning e.g. talking at the wrong time, ignoring instructions, pushing in line

Eye contact


Change seat

Sit by teacher

Warning about danger of going onto amber and loss of participation in class reward at the end of term


Failure to respond to teacher’s request on more than one occasion during the day

Creating a disturbance to other’s learning

Rudeness to adults /challenge to authority

Damage caused deliberately

Miss 10 minutes of lunchtime

Parents/carers informed by teacher

Regular amber behaviour may be supported by target card, personal support plan (PSP), or Turn Around Programme

Child may miss their termly reward



If poor behaviour continues even after amber

Serious incident eg shouting or swearing at staff or fighting


Leaving room without permission or walking away from an adult

Letter or phone call to parents/carers

Remainder of the session in another class/ working with a member of SLT for remainder of session or day

If appropriate, loss of break/lunchtime or other privileges

The child may be put on Turn Around

They may be excluded internally or for a fixed period