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A typical day in EYFS

Our children get off to a flying start because our provision is creative, engaging, energetic, and focussed!

We provide our children with a balanced programme that involves purposeful play, child initiation and independence. We firmly believe that it is also vital that they have a healthy diet of adult led sessions, guided support and independent opportunities to read, write and solve problems.  Our aim is for all children to leave our EYFS as confident, courageous and capable readers, writers and problem solvers who love to learn.

A typical day for us involves a morning of more-structured English and maths learning, characterised by whole-class and mastery-group instruction, followed by a free-flowing afternoon with opportunities for construction, experimentation, practical problem solving and child-led play.



Our English sessions begin every day with a recap of ‘key words’ before moving onto a whole-class, teacher-led session using the core text as a context for the learning; this could involve a whole class writing session, a re-telling of the story or role play of an event. This is followed by mastery groups for learners who need more-focused time with an adult – these groups are rotated daily so that across the week every child has the opportunity to work on a focussed writing task with an adult. The other children in the classroom take part in independent activities inside or outside to build their reading and writing skills, for example children could be acting out the story, writing an invitation or assembling a sentence using words they have discovered in the sand pit.


Our maths sessions take a similar format however every session begins with counting, number bonds to 10/20 or times tables before moving onto a whole-class teacher-led session followed by mastery groups/ independent learning. Pupils work on practical, hands-on activities at tables, slowly building towards using more abstract concepts such as numbers and symbols, as preparation for lifelong learning. It is crucial that all of the children leave with strength in making connections, finding patterns, a well-rooted number sense and the ability to communicate and articulate their thoughts.


Our afternoon provision has a strong emphasis on child-initiated activity such as playing games, imaginative role play, art, music, and movement making full use of our well-planned environment. Our continuous and enhanced provision off children a range of materials and resources to stimulate language and cognitive development, with open-ended and themed activities. 

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